Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Wyoming Riddler

Joe Cramer (The Wyoming Riddler) passed away on Friday May 22, 2020. For 33 years, he did free treasure hunts in the greater Grand Rapids area. He developed the riddles as a way to keep his mind sharp after surviving a serious case of carbon monoxide poising in 1978. He also wrote a book called "Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime" which can be purchased on Amazon. While the treasure hunts were free, they were also used as a vehicle to remind and educate people about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. His website is still up, though it may not be updated. 

Some selected articles:

The last treasure hunt: ‘Wyoming Riddler’ retires after 34 years of silver bounty
Every winter, hundreds of people living around Grand Rapids go on a treasure hunt of sorts. They’ve been doing it for decades. Robert Lyons has been hooked on the treasure hunt for 25 years. Over the years, he’s taken his kids and even his grandkids. Lyons found the treasure once. He’s still got the newspaper clipping....

Veteran treasure hunter solves the last 'Wyoming Riddle'
I got some bittersweet news this morning. Bitter because after more than 30 years running, the last “Wyoming Riddler” treasure hunt is over. Sweet because one of the veteran hunters I followed to tell the story last month turned out to be the winner...

One last chance: Here's the Wyoming Riddler's final puzzle
Joe Cramer, also known as the Wyoming Riddler for more than three decades, issues his final puzzle today. Here’s the deal: Cramer has hidden a small, oval medallion out in the snow somewhere in the greater Grand Rapids area, and you can use a street map to decipher the riddle and find it. A mug and treasure of silver items awaits the winner. And this is your last chance...

The alchemy of silver and carbon monoxide? Hint: it’s a riddle
For 33 years, Joseph Cramer sent area residents on mind-bending treasure hunts. Not for the short on patience, each hunt began with a nebulous riddle and ended with a prize: a silver medallion from Cramer’s vast collection...

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