Free CO Alarms

Many local governments, fire departments and safety groups offer free carbon monoxide alarms/detectors. I've listed some local Grand Rapids resources below. Google can help you find a resource near you. Please ensure that you have a carbon monoxide alarm installed and the batteries are fresh.

Grand Rapids
The city of Grand Rapids (Michigan) offers a Residential Safety Assessment Program for resident home owners. 

What they offer (Click here for more details):
  • Fire safety check
  • Free smoke alarm upgrades and installations
  • Free carbon monoxide (CO) alarm installations
  • One-on-one fire safety consultation
  • A connection with our partners to assist with fire safety issues

The city of Kentwood (Michigan) offers free carbon monoxide alarm installation for families of children 14 and younger in Grand Rapids, Kentwood and Wyoming. For information, call 616.241.3300. The Healthy Homes Coalition is providing the detectors with a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. For more information, click here.